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Realizing the huge potential of the Indonesian geothermal energy sector coupled with Indonesia’s fast growing energy demand and the need to increase the share of renewable energy in the country’s energy mix, PT. Supreme Energy was established in October 2007 by Mr. Supramu Santosa, veteran of the oil and gas industry and the former founder of the Star Energy Group. The company was specifically formed to capitalize on his vast knowledge and experience and further develop the geothermal energy sector.

Executives of PT. Supreme Energy have extensive experience and knowledge of the energy business in Indonesia. They have been very active and directly involved in the oil & gas, as well as in the geothermal development and operations in Indonesia for the past 20 years. Since the beginning, PT. Supreme Energy has employed a dedicated exploration team, whose members have had years of training and experience from major geothermal and oil and gas companies, with a solid proven world-class track record. The company’s personnel has years of hands-on practical experience in the oil & gas exploration and production activities and in the development of geothermal projects and operations.

In early 2008, PT. Supreme Energy was assigned by the Minister of Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia to conduct four pre-feasibility studies in different areas of Sumatera. All were completed in 2009. In early 2010, the Liki Pinangawan Muaralaboh and Gunung Rajabasa geothermal concessions were awarded to Supreme Energy who teamed up in a consortium with the global energy leader and largest independent power producer in the world – GDF Suez. Following this award, the mining licenses have been issued in April and May 2010. In December 2010, the concession for the Rantau Dedap resource area was awarded to the same consortium.

Sumitomo Corporation joined the consortium in 2010 to develop jointly with Supreme Energy and GDF Suez the Muara Laboh and Rajabasa concessions. PT Supreme Energy, International Power – GDF Suez *) and Sumitomo Corporation are now the shareholders of the Supreme Energy Muara Laboh and Supreme Energy Rajabasa project companies. For Rantau Dedap, Marubeni Corporation joined Supreme Energy and GDF Suez as the third partner for further development of this project.

These industrial partnerships bring together unmatched experience and strenghts, not only in the development, financing and construction of power plants, but also in their operation and maintenance, providing all the necessary development, technical and financial capabilities to explore and develop the above three concessions.
Opening positions for Supreme Energy project companies :

 Date Posted Position Department Location
 09 April 2012 Field Relation Officer Relations & SHE Jakarta
 09 April 2012 Secretary Relations & SHE Jakarta
 09 April 2012 Technical Specialist Explo & Subsurface Engr Jakarta
 09 April 2012 Site Construction Manager Project Rantau Dedap – Sumatera
 09 April 2012 General Services Supervisor General Services Jakarta

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